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Scope of the Business


These Terms and Conditions form part of the Agreement between ANTONIO ZARZA MORENO (N.l.F. 24050914-K) trade as 2gocycling and tenant. it is agreed as follows:
2gocycling bike rental reservation booked or hired directly from our center in Puerto Pollensa, rue de La Gola, 11.
Payment: Payment of the entire rental period must be open to signing the booking from or click to proceed to the booking on our website.

The tenant is obliged to submit an o cial photo identi cation in the form of your identity card or passport or Spanish D.N.l. Upon receiving the bike, the renter must provide a credit card or debit card as security deposit. The person signing the lease must be 18 years and is responsible for all equipment rented under this contract.
No refund of the bikes before the end of the lease period. Any bike back after the time stipulated in the contract will be charged at € 6,00 per hour, or part thereof.
The provision of services: delivery and collection of bike’s under contract will be free to Pollensa, Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Puerto de Alcudia and Playa de Muro. Deliveries and collections can be made to other destinations at a price depending on the distance between your location and our rental station in Puerto Pollensa. Bikes can also be collec- ted and delivered to our facilities in Puerto Pollensa.

Important: The bike’s only be delivered to / delivered to the person named on the lease, upon presentation of identi cation listed above.
Rental Equipment: The bikes and equipment rented from our rental property 2gocycling / Antonio Zarza Moreno. The tenant is obliged to take good care of your bike (s) recrui- ted and take all necessary precautions to protect your bike from damage, loss or theft.
The tenant is responsible for informing 2gocycling for any damage or injury su ered on the bike during the rental period. A return of the bicycle at the end of the rental period 2gocycling representative scan your computer and, it satis ed that no loss or damage, signed to con rm the cancellation of the deposit by credit card. If for any reason a full inspection is not possible at the time of return (for example, you are in a hurry, or someone else returns the bike on behalf of) the deposit will be withheld until that test can be performed.
In case of any damage to the bike or any component during the rental period, the tenant is responsible for full replacement cost and transportation for such replacement or displacement current market price of all or part of a bicycle damaged. In the selection to con rm the reservation and the signing of this agreement, the tenant agrees that any damage found on the bike after the return will be charged to your credit card. In such circumstances, you will be informed by email with details of the damage and the amount charged.
Important: All bicycles must be tted with a safety lock and the tenant is responsible for ensuring that it is adequate security measures during the rental period. The lessee is responsible for full replacement cost of the bike, the current market price, if lost or stolen during the rental period.
Collecting rent bicycles at the beginning: By accepting the bike (s) the lessee agrees to receive the bike in good technical condition, safe and clean. Bicycles must be returned in the same condition as they left the shop oor or authorized. The bicycle should not be used for o -road or for use in beach sand.
When the tenant does not have the bike to the hearing that is required to ensure that the bicycle is securely locked and it is recommended that bicycle is left with the client whenever possible.
Liability in case of accident: 2gocycling / Antonio Zarza Moreno o ers no BE CONVERED can not accept any responsibility for the potential liability to third parties (ie, damage caused by third persons or their property). It is recommended that you take our insurance to cover such liability or make sure your insurance covers this day. If in doubt, check with your insurance company.
It is advisable to carry your insurance documents and identi cation with you at all times during the cycling. 2gocycling / Antonio Zarza Moreno no liability for any damage
or injury to the tenant during the rental period. Helmet use is mandatory in Mallorca in most circumstances. Helmets are not provided by 2gocycling / Antonio Zarza Moreno
is the sole responsibility of the renter to ensure they comply with tra c laws at all times. The number of emergency services in Spain is 112. It is always advisable to have a mobile phone with you if possible.
Liability and limitations: the tenant is responsible for observing tra c laws in Spain.
The tenant is responsible for all damages that occur either for himself or any other person within the rental period. 2gocycling / Antonio Zarza Moreno does not accept liability for any claims of third parties in accidents, injury, shock or damage caused by tenants or their property or lost property for any reason beyond the control of 2gocycling.
This contract complies with Spanish law. Lessee agrees that this contract is binding on your family, your heirs, permitted assigns and administrators and executors. The place of jurisdiction or law applicable to this contract is that only of Mallorca (llles Balears – Spain).

This post is also available in: enEnglish esEspañol (Spanish) deDeutsch (German)



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